Are the Preachers Still Around?

Michelle Lee and Barbra Reyelts from the Northland’s New Center shocked the Northland last Friday. They revealed a story in the Duluth News Tribune that Steven Jankowski is a registered sex offender.

According to the article in the Duluth News Tribune, Jankowski had an incident in 2004 while he was a teacher Pine River-Backus School in Cass County. The complaint alleges he hugged and kissed a 13 year old girl, brought her to his home and then placed his hand inside her underwear. The article went on to say, Jankowski declined to comment on his criminal conviction and referred a reporter to his attorney. Jankowsi must register as a sex offender until January 2015.

This story just keeps getting better and better. My first question is why didn’t Mr. Jankowski want to comment about his conviction? Second, how many people who defended Jankowski knew about his conviction? Third, after this news was published has Jankowski been back to Bentleyville?

My family and I visited Bentleyville before the judged made the ruling and we didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Jankowski. I am very curious if Mr. Jankowski continues to “preach?” I will also use the quotation marks not to try and make my post look scary but simply because I myself never considered what Mr. Jankowski did was “preaching.” Does anyone have any word on his presence at Bentleyville?

Lastly I do believe in second chances however some offenses are much harder for me to swallow. I work with youth who have suffered sexual abuse and the trauma affects them in every way for sometimes many years after it happened. Kids don’t always fully recover from sexual abuse. For an adult to take advantage of a 13 year old in a sexual way is disgusting. Maybe instead of worrying about “preaching” the fear of God at Bentleyville and using resources to fight this battle in court, Mr. Jankowski could be sharing his story and how God from the Bible I read forgives all sins if your heart is sincerely sorry for your sins.

Again, let’s just let Bentleyville be a place for everyone to enjoy it’s intended purpose. Bentleyville is not the place for people to get on their soapbox. I’m sure this would please Mr. Bentley very much and without him, we may just lose Bentleyville for good.

I found some very interesting information from the Alliance Defending Freedom who represented Mr. Jankowski. I have attached the link.

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