A Tradegy in Kansas City

Recently former Kansas City Chief linebacker, Jovan Belcher, killed his girlfriend and then took his own life at the Chiefs practice facility in front of some coaches.

Since the killings reports have come out the Kansas City Chiefs provided counseling for Jovan and his girlfriend to help save the relationship. Hearing the Chief organization went to great lengths to help this relationship is not only refreshing but deserves a lot of credit. As his employer the Chiefs certainly weren’t required to help this relationship in any way but for them to take the time to provide them both with services to help is admirable. Probably the only admirable news of this whole story.

As a father of 2, I find it very hard to have any sympathy for the decision Jovan made despite the relationship problems. Was there more going on that we will probably ever know? Sure there is but being a father is one of the best things that can happen to a person in my opinion. It is clear in this situation Jovan had a lot of support and people showing him love. Despite all this help, Jovan made the choice to end his life. I don’t want to come across as arrogant but with a child’s life on the line Jovan’s decision is really bad. How can a person do this with the fate of your child hanging in the balance? Who is going to take care of his 3 month old child? Does he have a will? Is the legal system going to get involved in this child’s life? Lots of good questions. Unfortunately for the child all things they have no control over and possibly a legal system that gets to now decide everything.

I give the Chiefs organization a lot of credit for their attempts to help in this situation. I feel terrible for the coaches who witnessed the shooting and I feel terrible for the girlfriends family. Most of all I feel terrible for the child. I hope the child gets into a loving family and the life of this child is not caused more damage because of Jovan’s selfish decision.

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Eddie Bashaw

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