21 Sep7 Kids with 5 Different Women

Times flies when life is really busy. I am very sorry to all my loyal readers for not posting in a super long time. I hope now life has slowed down I will be better about posting. Thanks for your patience and checking back to my blog.

As a huge Minnesota Vikings fan or not even a fan at all it is hard not to hear about the most recent news of AP and his child abuse allegations. But for me even more concerning is the fact that AP has 7 kids with 5 different women. Certainly AP has the financial means to assist the women in the raising of the 7 children but how can AP be involved in their lives to the extent that would make a difference. It certainly is possible but for all 7? Most likely not. This kind of behavior leads me to believe AP is probably not as smart as he tends to lead on.

Certainly we don’t know all the circumstances and I am not here to judge how AP chooses to live his life because nobody including myself are perfect, but common sense tells me as a parent, 7 kids with 5 different women is not a good for the kids. It also makes me question the morals and judgment of AP.

The future does not look very bright for AP with the Minnesota Vikings or even dare I say the NFL.

28 JunWhat are Duluth City Councilors Doing to Help Improve This City?

Golf Course For Sale???

I absolutely love golf and love the public golf courses in the city of Duluth. I have to respond to the latest article by Jon Nowacki from the Duluth News Tribune,  about two public golf courses in Duluth, Lester Park Golf Course and Enger Park Golf Course.

There has to be a better way than selling the golf course to solve the problem. It’s easy for the city councilors to make the citizens pay more for the terrible roads, all they have to do is vote on it. Or if the city wants us to pay for street lights all they do is vote on it. They are to eager to raise our taxes to fix the cities problems which seems like a cop out. Fix this problem with some hard work for once.

Why exactly are the golf courses losing money? I think Schintz brings up a lot of great points. Alcohol, time, and bad weather at the start of the last two seasons sure don’t help the courses to generate revenue. Maybe the city should fix these problems first or share with us what they have tried to fix the problem. If a business is failing you try and fix it with a new plan, you can’t keep doing the same thing that is losing money. City councilors please tell us what you are doing to solve the golf course problem in Duluth. Is anything changing?

Some times the way this city chooses to use it’s resources (our tax dollars) drives me crazy. C’mon mayor and city councilors.

14 JunHappy Father’s Day

My Beautiful Family












I want to wish all Father’s a Happy Father’s Day. Growing up I never thought I would want to be a Dad. All I wanted to do was be a bachelor and just enjoy the time all to myself. But as soon as Emma was born all those cliches came into play. Being a Dad is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Being a Dad certainly isn’t an easy job and some men decide it’s not for them. Some days are filled with frustrations and other days are filled with joy. But being a Dad certainly has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Even though my kids are young now I am super excited to watch them grow up, make life decisions and start families of their own. I am excited to support them in whatever direction they choose and not dictate to them what they have to do. I want them to have freedom to choose, and help them learn from their mistakes.

I have one of the best families a Dad could ask for and the future is very bright. I can’t wait.

See the tribute to my Dad at my other blog. Here is the link.

30 AprReaction: NBA Lifetime Ban Is Not the Real Issue

Reaction: NBA Lifetime Ban

Yesterday new NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced a lifetime ban to Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his recorded racist comments he made in the privacy of his own home. In the past Sterling has had other legal problems with regards to race but it is only now that his actions have dominated the

Here is a link to the story in the Duluth News Tribune.

I’m torn about this situation. First, I do believe his comments are indeed terrible but the good part about America is we can all have our own opinion and have freedom of religion without government persecution.

Here is my struggle. Mr. Sterling was in the privacy of his own home when these comments were made and the comments were recorded without his knowledge. He wasn’t in public, he wasn’t sitting court side, he was in his home. Can we feel safe and secure in our own homes now a days? Apparently not, because almost every smart phone has some recording device that someone could use to take a video, take a picture and record your conversation. Should we have to fear having others in our homes because they might be recording everything said and done. I am not here to debate the lifetime ban, but I am very concerned about how this situation has created a precedent for conversations people have in the privacy of their own homes. I am very interested in what others think about recorded conversations in the privacy of their homes.

In my opinion, it is not a matter of if but when this type of situation will happen again. I also wonder if this happens to an NBA player next will they also get a lifetime ban? Let’s just wait and see.

24 AprNHL Officials Need to Pull Their Whistles Out of Their Pockets

Anyone who knows me knows I love high school and college basketball, but I do like to casually watch NHL Hockey during the regular season (mostly MN Wild) but to my wife’s surprise I do love watching NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Right after March Madness, NHL Playoff hockey might be the most exciting post season out there.

As I continue to watch the NHL playoffs unfold I continue to read and hear a lot of talk about how the NHL referees are not calling as many penalties as the regular season. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

How can officials not call penalties? Not only is this bad for the game but it also causes these playoff games to get physically out of control. Players are getting punched in the back of the head, excessive contact is happening around the net and nothing is stopping the players. A penalty is a penalty and if the NHL doesn’t want it players getting hurt from cheap shots they better do something about it. How about tell it’s referees to start using their whistles.

17 AprReaction: MSU Football Players Refusing to Practice

I just watched the news story about the Mankato State University football players refusing to practice for reinstated head coach Todd Hoffner. The statement read by the players said they would only play for the previous interim coach Aaron Keen.

My reaction is not about the charges against Todd Hoffner, but the what the heck are these players thinking? I have been involved in all levels of sports my entire life and I have never seen a situation where the entire team refused to play for a coach. The story said the university, coach Todd Hoffner, and the players will be meeting on Thursday.

How do these players think they can pick their coach? Some of these players are under scholarship and they are now trying to tell the university who they want to play for. Do the students think the school will continue to pay for their education if they don’t play?

I got some more news for you players, if you don’t like the coach, TRANSFER. If you don’t like the coach, stop playing. You don’t get to pick your coach and if the University officials allow this to sway their coaching decision and they make a coaching change it will be nothing but big problems. Other teams at the university might just decide they want a new coach.

I can’t wait to see what the university will do. What do you think?

10 AprOne and Done…Pretty Stupid If You Ask Me

I don’t like the idea of putting a rule on the one and done rule for college basketball. It isn’t the rule that makes the NBA game bad, it is the game, the rules, the terrible officiating, the terrible organizations and the overall image of the NBA. People now a days aren’t attracted to watch the game and how it is played these days. People use to love the NBA in the 90s because of the players. Yes it was the players. Players have changed, the game has changed and oh how I have watched the game change in 20 years.

But back to college basketball. Telling athletes they need to go to college for 1 year before going entering the NBA draft is stupid. Has implementing this rule really made the NBA game any better. NO WAY. All it does is cause more problems for the college athletic programs and make the NCAA look terrible in their ability to make the tough decisions. There should be no rule and let the athletes decide for themselves when they want to try and make millions playing professional basketball.

Do you think players who have recently declared for the NBA draft are still attending classes? I sure don’t. Are those athletes making their college programs better or just giving the coach a better winning percentage to get his annual bonus?

Dear NBA, Please stop ruining college basketball with this rule. Maybe you should learn from the NFL and structure your player contracts with some “guaranteed money” stipulations. I bet players will be more motivated to be better if they know they lose everything if they are terrible players, or have poor character. Either make the rule to attend college for 3 years or don’t have it at all. A 1 year rule is terrible and does nothing but make the NBA even worse every single year.

27 MarJared Allen Signed With The Bears

Yesterday it was announced former Minnesota Viking Jared Allen signed with the Chicago Bears. Jared got a 4 year deal for 32 million with 15.5 million guaranteed. I really don’t think this is a lot of money and I wonder why the Minnesota Vikings weren’t interested in doing a deal like this? Couldn’t the Vikings perhaps gotten a “hometown” discount to keep Jared in town? Apparently not but the Vikings let him go for only 15.5 million dollars? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Why doesn’t it make sense to me? Here is why, the Vikings earlier signed Everson Griffen to a 5 year deal for 42.5 million dollars with 20 million guaranteed. Everson has 17.5 sacks in four seasons and just one start. I’m sure we are all aware that Jared’s sack total blows these stats out of the water. I know Jared is older but he is proven and Everson is not. I’m not sure how this makes the Vikings defense better and I disagree with the move.

Jared should still be a Viking and I think the Vikings will regret this move next season.

20 MarPlease Mr. Spielman Don’t Screw This Up

Just a quick plug to my other sports blog eddiebashaw.com, I have my annual NCAA Final Four prediction post up and ready to read. Please use this link to head over and check it out.

How fun is it to talk NFL football year round? I say super fun and I never thought I would love the NFL Draft as much as I do but the draft is awesome.

The Minnesota Vikings have the number 8 overall pick in this years draft and there is much talk here in Minnesota as to what General Manager Rick Spielman will do. I won’t get into it too much and just cut right to the point. But let me express this at least, PLEASE PLEASE Rick as if your job depends on it, get it right.

With the number 8 overall pick the Vikings should head in this direction. It is no secret and not ground breaking news the Vikings need a franchise quarterback but so do 3 other teams that pick before the Vikings. Moving up in the draft is too costly and the top quarterbacks in this years draft will already be gone by pick 8, so with that being said I do believe it is an excellent idea for Mr. Spielman to take the best defensive player on the board at pick 8 and not reach for a quarterback.

Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, and Teddy Bridgewater I think will all be gone by pick 8 and taking Derek Carr or AJ McCarron would be another stretch/risk Mr. Spielman doesn’t want to take. At least I hope so. The only quarterback I like from that list of 5 at pick 8 to take is Blake Bortles and if he is available at pick 8 we should take him, but that is a very big stretch. There is NO way he falls to pick 8.

Mr. Spielman does like to trade on draft day and I hope he does but please Mr. Spielman take the best defensive player on the board at pick 8. Let’s roll with Matt Cassel since the Vikings are now paying him 5 million a year, and look for quarterback in round 2 or 3.

Who would you take at pick 8? Would you trade up?

13 MarSad and Happy at the Same Time

March is quite possibly the best month of the year. Why one may ask? Well because of March Madness of course. Why else would someone love the month of March?

Here in Minnesota The Boys Basketball State Tournament started today, next weekend the girls will take part in the State Tournament, and already some college basketball conference tournaments are underway and some will get started this weekend. After this weekend the March Madness Bracket will come out and the best tournament in all of sports will begin. How can you not love this time of year?

I like to brag when I say the last three years I have finished in the top 3 at the bracket challenge at my work. I consider myself to be a pretty good college basketball mind.

I can never get enough basketball and this month will fill my need and then some. But in the same breath I am sad because when college basketball is over there really isn’t anything to watch except to get ready for the start of the NFL season in August.

My Final Four predictions will come out as soon as the bracket is revealed. It’s an exciting time of year. Don’t let it go by without watching some basketball.